Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New Venture

Those of you close to me know that I have been doing freelance graphic design for some time now. With my busy school and work schedules I haven't really been able to devote much time to it, but I have finally decided on a name. If you hate it, please be kind because I am pretty set on it.

Violet Bridge Creative

The name has personal sentimental meaning to me which I can go into later, but I need your help deciding on a logo. I have designed a few different ones, and I have it narrowed down to the following three:


Which one is your favorite?

Stay tuned for the launch of my new website in the next week or two!


  1. I vote number 2 or number 1 :)

  2. I prefer numbers 1, 2, and 3.

  3. I have been meaning to comment on this post but I keep forgetting, then last night I had this really stressful dream where we were like floating in front of this bridge that kept kind of morphing while we were trying to decide on your logo. It must be a sign. Oh gracious I miss you. I think #2 is super fabulous and creative, but it might be a little confusing with people not knowing when to read creative. #1 is the one I like the best because it is creative, unique, easy to read and understand, clean, has wonderful colors, and has your full company name. I love you dear. You really should come visit. ;)

  4. Steve likes #1, I like #2. Tough pick. MISS YOU!!

  5. My eye keeps going to #1. I like the clean lines :) Love ya!