Monday, June 29, 2009


James and I just got back from Havasupi in the Grand Canyon... boy was it a trip. For those of you who have never heard of Havasupi, google it. There are the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen (including the ones in Kauai) because the water is a gorgeous aqua color. It only takes a 10 mile hike into the Grand Canyon to see them! Piece of cake.

We had some crazy weather including a sudden rain storm that nearly turned Mary and Klint's tent into a pool, but all in all it was a pleasant trip. The others in our group were much more adventurous than us... some jumping from a 50 foot cliff into the water, but the hikes to the falls were enough of an adventure for us.

Thank heaven for the mule that carried my pack out of the canyon, because if it weren't for him, I might still be down there! Thanks to Mary and Klint for taking me on my first-ever backpacking trip!