Thursday, December 31, 2009

Beauties of the Season

Gingerbread men, twinkling lights and stockings are all a great part of the holiday season, but what would Christmas be without some hideous sweaters? This year marked my second and James' first ugly sweater party! Boy has he been missing out. Unfortunately, I only came in second place!
I have NO idea why...
Well, yes, I managed to include a message with my entry (Make a home, not a litter. Spay or nuder your pets) and mine included flashing lights, but I'm afraid C-bass bested me this year. Noble victory my friend!

The entertainment wasn't bad either. Thanks to Bryce and Beth for an unforgettable evening!

On a quiet December evening...

These two sweethearts... Went to this special place...
For the first time!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your moment. We love you Jordan and Ashley! Congratulations!!!

(P.S. Doesn't my hubby look so HOT with his new beard?!)