Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Goodbye Chronicles- Part 3

The last in the series! We have moved. It was a ridiculously fast move (less that 48 hours from the time we sold our contract to handing in the keys). I almost died!

We had a really great time in our first apartment. Allow me to take you on a tour...

The living room: I loved our "Enjoy the Journey" wall with all of the scenic pictures of places we've been. We snuggled on this couch a lot :)

The bookcase and "guest couch": That's James' great grandmother's wedding china on top of the bookcase. Love it. We will have many bookcases wherever we live.

The kitchen: So many delicious memories. This is where I got my cooking skills back.The bathroom: Not much to say about the bathroom other than it was so pretty and I love my shower curtain. The master bedroom: Oh, I loved our bedroom! Our first fight was at Bed Bath and Beyond over whether or not to get curtain rods. Needless to say I was slightly hormonal... I'm glad we got them though!

The Guest Bedroom transformed into an office: What you can't see are the bikes and tools on the other side of the room. I think this was James' favorite room.... other than the kitchen that is. A guy has got to have his space...All in all, we loved our first apartment. We feel lucky to have lived in a relatively nice place where we made great friends and lots of memories. Farewell our first abode. We'll miss you!

The Goodbye Chronicles- Part 2

Oh Oscar. The green giant. As I got him ready to sell I found souvenirs from some of the places we'd been together and things we've done.

Camping stuff from the ward camp where James and I first kissed (in the front seat of Oscar I might add :) )
A movie ticket from when James and I were dating
Sand from trips to Cedar City with friends
Grease from the bikes being put into the back seat for rides up the canyon
The parking stub from the Grand America where we stayed on our wedding night
Our long boards from late nights of boarding down the canyon
Good times. You were a great oldie.