Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Picture Overload

I will admit that I got a little carried away with capturing yesterday's precious moments with my new camera (thanks Jordan, Ashley and John!). With such adorable subjects and the joyous holiday, I just couldn't resist!

Angela, Steve, Jordan, Ashley and Sari were sorely missed.
Kava running to find the eggs
Eva looking adorable as ever
Xavier the speedster
Mele super excited about her bunny egg
Afu, Issac, Anna & X
Violet posing for the camera.... what a sweetie!
The kids with their spoils! Can you believe all of those eggs were for just 9 kids?
James and I goofing around
Violet and Eva became best friends
Candis and her cute baby bump! Isn't she beautiful?
Davian and little Ezra
Danielle (our soon to be sister missionary in Houston, Texas!!!) and Kava
The excitement was just too much for Grandpa
Isn't Ezra just a gorgeous little guy?!
Oooh and update on our garden. These are our peas. They are even bigger now because this picture was about a week ago. It's so much fun to grow our first garden together.
It was so wonderful to be surrounded by people I love on such a special day. I hope your Easter was beautiful and edifying.

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